Strategic Fundraising For Nonprofits.

• Attract potential donors
• Strategy development
• Campaign creation
• Maintain past donors

Building a Case for Support: The Keys to Crafting a Strong Fundraising Message.

What are the critical components of a nonprofit’s strategic fundraising plan?


Creating a strategic fundraising plan helps clarify the reasons for the campaign, its mission, and its targeted audience. It’s smart and very beneficial to have a multi-tier plan rather than a single onetime campaign.

How Linear Creative will help setup your strategic fundraising plan:

1) Define the reason for support.

2) Identify your key supporters.

3) Create your donor prospect list.

4) Develop the overall plan.

5) Strong, clear, concise and compelling message.

6) Communicate current and future needs.

7) Explain programs, services and needs.

8) Impactful organizational stories.

9) Connect with potential donors.


We help you identify and cultivate relationships with potential donors and industry partners. Clients benefit in a variety of ways including funding from grants, corporate sponsorships, fundraising event planning, and more.


Many nonprofits rely on fundraising efforts to keep their mission alive, fund programming, and other vital activities. Linear Creative works hand-in-hand with our partners to develop robust and impactful fundraising strategies suited to meet the needs of each nonprofit individually. Since there is no “one size fits all” approach, we work with you to explore and identify your target audience and cultivate a list of potential donors. From there, we explore the many ways funds can be raised.

Identify other forms of fundraising

1) Grants.
2) Donation.
3) Crowdfunding.
4) Capital or Endowment Campaign.
5) Membership and Alumni.
6) Events.
7) Major Gift Outreach.
8) Online Fundraising Initiative.
9) Sales and Earned Income.
10) Community Sponsorship.
11) Business Partnership


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