Kurt Haller – Internship Exit Interview Summer 2018

Kurt Haller – Internship Exit Interview Summer 2018

Info: Kurt Haller
College: Providence College
Major(s): Marketing and Management
Minor(s): German

1. What were you looking to gain during your internship? Did you achieve that?

Going into this summer, I sought out an internship that would be rewarding in nature. One aspect that encapsulates who I am as a person is my fascination and interest in a plethora of fields. I always have a desire and willingness to learn new skills that can add value to my career and life. When exploring potential marketing positions in the Cleveland area over Christmas break, I stumbled upon Linear Creative. Why Linear over any other marketing agency in the area? When I was perusing through their website, the one thing that stood out to me over any other firm was the heavy involvement with small companies and non-profits. This involvement with non-profits was one notable piece that was synonymous with my life goals. To be working in an environment on a daily basis where you know you are making a difference in local communities is very rewarding. I’ve always wanted to have a sense of fulfillment coming into the work place and I have achieved that here at Linear Creative. Their enduring mission to help others inspired me to choose them over other competitors. It did not stop there, once I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the team, that’s when I knew I made the right choice. Linear would not be what it is without the people. Every individual possesses a wealth of knowledge and creativity that I will carry with me throughout my life. This was the most rewarding internship I have had thus far and I would highly recommend it to whoever is seeking a rewarding opportunity.

2. How did you feel about working on real client projects as opposed to more menial tasks?

Having the opportunity to focus and engage with real clients was both informative and enriching. Last year, I worked in Boston at a small startup company and one notable piece I took away from that experience was the small company atmosphere. From that internship, I knew that a small company meant that I would have multiple responsibilities on my plate. Once I saw the size of Linear Creative, I was glad to know that I would have opportunities to work with real clients. From the start, Amanda Fourlaris the Social Marketing specialist in the office, made me feel right at home. She provided me with the necessary resources to successfully execute events for Ohio Cancer Research and Wagnalls Memorial Library. In addition, I had the opportunity to work on the infrastructure of the company and it was satisfying to know that my own personal knowledge was valued by members in the office. During this internship, I became part of the team and never felt like just a “summer intern.”

3. What was your favorite experience during your time at Linear Creative?

There are two notable experiences that I valued most at Linear Creative. Firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed creating the Yoga on the Green fundraising event for Ohio Cancer Research. Raymond Jasinski, owner of Linear Creative, fully trusted my marketing and management capabilities and provided me with the task of creating an event from scratch. My specific duties included budgeting, event planning, social marketing, speaking with clients on a personal level, and much more. This experience equipped me with skills that will benefit me all-around.

Another rewarding experience was being able to enhance the infrastructure of Linear Creative. Not only was I able to suggest critiques to the current business model, but I was able to provide insight from an outside perspective. My involvement with the agency was not just limited to my workspace, I was incorporated in the daily meetings with the team and clients. I feel that I have formed lasting relationships with every individual within this office and the insight that I provided was welcomed with open arms and implemented in the organizational structure.

4. What skills do you think you gained or improved on during your internship?

My technological skills as well as my social marketing knowledge has increased exponentially. Amanda educated me on Search Engine Optimization and other business platforms that I did not once previously know. This internship was not just limited to professional development but also allowed me to grow personally. My communication and organizational skills were used regularly and although those may be overlooked, they are essential in this field. It may sound cliché but the skills that I learned from this internship are too long to list and it is something that must be experienced in order to fully understand what I am describing.

5. Do you feel you were empowered to make decisions and try new ideas?

There was never a point during this experience where I felt of lesser value or degraded in any manner. The team made me feel empowered from the very moment I walked through their doors. I find it rather ironic that the name of the agency is called Linear Creative because my way of thinking throughout this internship was never linear at all. I was constantly thinking outside of the box, discovering new ways we could attract the attention of clients and individuals. Implementing new strategies and techniques that other agencies may have not yet thought of.

6. What advice would you give other students seeking an internship?

When looking for an internship I know many individuals tend to see if the opportunity is paid. Initially I found this problematic as well, however, the internships that are unpaid tend to be the most rewarding because they are educationally enriching. The entire team at Linear Creative wants to see you succeed and are willing to help in any way they can. My advice for other students looking for an internship is do not limit yourself. Don’t solely look at opportunities that are paid, see if the company you are looking at coincides with your values and passions. If that is the case, the experience is worth more than any monetary value and you can walk away from the opportunity with a sense of fulfillment.

Amanda, thank you for your help throughout my time here. It is greatly appreciated and it means a whole lot to me!