Landing Page Design

Why create a landing page?

• Achieve specific and measurable goals

• Increase conversions

• Generate data and insight
• Improve your brand awareness
• Grow a customer mailing list

Generate leads, data and insight for your business with a professionally-designed landing page.

A landing page is an effective lead marketing tool because it allows you to achieve a specific goal with results that can be easily measured. It’s also a concise way to deliver a value proposition or solution to customers outside of your main website. Typically, a visitor is driven to a landing page from a campaign email, social media post, or a pay-per-click ad. An effective landing page includes a lead capture mechanism to nurture the sales pipeline.

Support your business

Use a landing page to reach a key market, promote a product, and attract new customers.

Increase conversions

A landing page generally has a simple message and a clear call-to-action, encouraging new leads.

Generate data and insight

Landing pages linked to specific campaigns can help to determine what channels and what messages are most effective in bringing in leads.

Grow an email list

The most common use of landing pages is to grow your leads with a form submission or a phone call.

ICASI Landing Page

Columbus School of Nursing Landing Page

Columbia Academy Landing Pages

David Round Cranes Landing Pages

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