Linear Marketing Automation

Linear Marketing Automation

Benefits of marketing automation:

• Drive more revenue
• Track behavior
• Analyze contacts
• Nurture and increase leads
• Save on marketing costs

Marketing automation helps you deliver unique content experiences to truly engage your prospects, which leads to higher sales.

Are you still using “e-blasts” to send mass emails to your prospects? These templated emails that go out to everyone on your list (and their mother) only frustrate recipients. Lack of content relevancy generates 83% lower response rates. All that work for little return.

It’s true that customizing and personalizing emails takes time and serious strategy. However, Linear Creative helps remove these barriers with our marketing automation platform. Marketing automation streamlines complex marketing tasks, automates these tasks, and measures them. This helps companies, large and small, make the most of their time and marketing budgets.

We can help you develop fresh, engaging content that nurtures your leads through the sales funnel with emails and landing pages personalized to your audience’s specific needs and goals.

Landing Pages

Develop personalized landing pages to capture lead data and provide your prospects with solutions tailored to them. Drive leads through the sales funnel with progressive lead forms.

Personalized Emails

Gone are the days of “e-blasts.” Using dynamic content, you are able to personalize one message in a variety of ways, so they speak more effectively to prospects. Since the process is  automated, so you only have to create one email, insert the dynamic content, and the platform will do the rest!

Track Life of Leads

Using our robust platform, you are able to see what web pages and emails a prospect has viewed from the time they first engaged with your website through the time they are a customer. This is very helpful in understanding what their interests and goals are.

CRM Comes Standard

Included in our marketing automation platform is an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). This allows you to track communications with leads, apply customized lead scoring to indicate which leads are “hot” and engaged, and gain a full view of what’s in your sales pipeline.

Automation Landing Pages

Personalized Emails

Back-end Lead Tracking

Built-in CRM