My Summer Internship Experience at Linear Creative

My Summer Internship Experience at Linear Creative

Spending my summer as an intern at Linear Creative has taught me a lot about the world of advertising. Going into my third year at The Ohio State University as a Marketing major and Media Production and Analysis minor, I came into this position confident in my understanding of social media and visual aesthetic. I was surprised to learn that this job also included a much more analytical side.

When looking for an internship this summer, I did not know what to expect. Some of my friends’ experiences in their own internships ranged from getting coffee and answering phones to directly working on major projects. When I found out I was going to work on actual client assignments, I was almost daunted by the amount of responsibility, but ready to show what I could do. Having a significant role in our clients’ campaigns kept me motivated, enthusiastic, and gave me an extra boost of confidence whenever I successfully completed my work.

During my internship I served as a supporting role to the Social Media Manager. I was also introduced to SEO techniques and Facebook’s Business Manager, both of which I’m sure I will continually use in my career. The hands-on experience I got from seeing how to create a webpage, planning budgets for ad campaigns, and evaluating post reach and engagements has helped me learn more about advertising than any of my classes so far.

I used my experience with personal use of social media to help create posting content, edit photos, increase follower count while maintaining a favorable follower-to-following ratio, and connect with other users, whether it be other companies and organizations or the client’s own customers. When I go back to school this fall, I think that my expanded understanding of the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of advertising will help me with all the technical terms used in my business classes. At the very least, I will go back to school with the certainty that I have chosen the major that is right for me.

My supervisor, Amanda, has been awesome and I owe most of the knowledge I am gaining from this experience to her. She always makes sure to show me what she’s doing when she is working on something I haven’t seen before and she explains exactly what the goals are and how to approach them. The entire Linear Creative team has been extremely welcoming and I really feel that my input is valued here; I leave every day in a good mood, already excited to come back. I am grateful that I found this position this summer and it has been everything I was looking for in an internship experience, and I will definitely miss it.

My advice to other students seeking an internship is to start looking early! I consider myself lucky for finding Linear Creative; the office wasn’t actively looking for an intern, but I asked if there was anything I could do for them just to give me the experience of working in an advertising/marketing agency. Even if a company does not have a job posting, simply calling and offering to help may work to get you the experience you need. Companies want to help students trying to get into the field they are studying. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions about work or advice pertaining to a career in that industry. The whole point of an internship is to gain experience, and the people you work with will have a lot to share.