Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit Fundraising

Build a better fundraiser.

• Build awareness
• Increase your contacts
• Engage donors
• Tell your unique story
• Involve your board members
• Create integrated campaigns
• Communicate to your base

Let’s talk about how to plan and run an impactful fundraising campaign, as a nonprofit.

1) Define the reason for support.

2) Identify your key supporters.

3) Create your donor prospect list.

4) Develop the overall plan.

5) Create a clear, concise and compelling message.

6) Communicate current and future needs.

7) Explain programs, services, and needs.

8) Create impactful organizational stories.

9) Cultivate relationships with potential donors.

10) Establish valuable relationships with industry partners.

What are the different types of nonprofit fundraising strategies?

1) Grants
2) Donations
3) Crowdfunding
4) Capital and Endowment Campaign
5) Membership and Alumni Giving
6) Event Planning
7) Major Gift Outreach
8) Online Fundraising Initiatives
9) Sales and Earned Income
10) Community Sponsorships
11) Business Partnerships

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